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Riverside Park Fund

Riverside Park Fund

Riverside Park Fund is a non-profit park conservancy association in New York City that raises over $1.5 million annually in private funds for the benefit of Riverside Park, an historic waterfront park along 4 miles of the Hudson River in upper Manhattan.

Working closely with the New York City Parks Department, Riverside Park Fund nurtures the park's well-being, helps preserve its historic nature, and leads the community in developing active stewardship.

Riverside Park Fund:

  • Employs five Zone Gardeners, who provide horticultural care and critical maintenance to designated park sections
  • Trains, guides and equips an extensive Grassroots Volunteer corps
  • Helps neighborhood groups organize and make improvements to specific park areas
  • Raises private support for park maintenance, safety and improvements
  • Advocates with public officials to identify funding for renewal an restoration projects
  • Offers environmental education experiences for schoolchildren and families
  • Communicates with local residents about park issues, needs and activities
  • Sponsors and encourages creative, diverse events in the park
  • Offers umbrella administrative services for smaller park user groups

Capital Projects
Riverside Park Fund raised funds and supervised construction for the Peter Jay Sharpe Volunteer House, which opened in 2003. Riverside Park Fund is currently engaged in the rebuilding of the 101st Field House, which was destroyed by a fire in the 1960s. The GreenOulook is RPF's newest capital project.

Riverside Clay Tennis Association

Riverside Clay Tennis Association, RCTA

The RCTA is a volunteer-based, non-profit association of 1,000 members, who together raise over $300,000 each year for the maintenance and operation of the public red-clay tennis court facility in Riverside Park along the Hudson River near 96th Street, one of only four public red-clay tennis facilities in the country.

In addition to maintaining and managing the tennis courts, RCTA staff and volunteers maintain 5 acres of surrounding parkland, which features sweeping lawns, extensive flower gardens and lush landscaping.

The RCTA offers dozens of low-cost tennis tournaments, clinics and other tennis events for children, adults and seniors, with many free programs of children. Each summer the RCTA hosts 11 free Saturday night sunset concerts along the grassy banks of the Hudson River for the general public.

The RCTA was founded in 1984, initially to resist City plans to pave over the then-derelict courts, and over the years has grown into a large, full-service tennis and fundraising organization. It is an affiliate of Riverside Park Fund.

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