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Riverside Park Conservancy and the Riverside Clay Tennis Association (RCTA) have launched a $6 million capital campaign to transform an abandoned parking lot south of the 96th Street Red Clay Tennis Courts into a landscaped Hudson River overlook with a wildflower meadow, a sustainable park maintenance building, and a carbon-neutral public restroom, using compost toilet technologies, green roofs, solar energy, rainwater, and recycled materials.

This precedent-setting, sustainable complex will replace the current portable toilets and the leaking shipping containers, which are wholly inadequate for this busy section of Riverside Park near 96th Street. It will also be a beautiful rest stop for bikers, runners, strollers, tennis players and neighbors—like you!

For over 25 years the RCTA has maintained the ten world-class public courts near 96th Street in Riverside Park, one of NYC's eight officially designated scenic landmark Parks.
With your support, we can provide much needed facilities that will benefit all users of the Hudson River Greenway and become a beacon of sustainability for New York City and beyond.

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build green roofs on green toilets.
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